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Residents First!

The “Residents First!” platform helps protect Palm Beach residents by giving them top priority over any other considerations before the Town Council.  Commercial overdevelopment, traffic congestion, and intensification are critical town issues.  This initiative follows strict adherence to the Town of Palm Beach Comprehensive Plan by preserving and enhancing the quality of life of the residents.  John David is strongly committed to the Palm Beach Residents First principles which will guide all decisions on the Town Council.

Palm Beach Residents First! logo
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  • Serving on the Palm Beach Architectural Review Commission for 8 years protecting our quality of life, context integration, and visual charm

  • Helping to beautify the island with several tree canopy initiatives and advocating for an outstanding Lake Drive Park

  • Collaborating with town officials and the Florida Department of Transportation on pedestrian safety and accessibility town-wide

  • Advocating against intensification and traffic congestion on the island with a residents-driven and town-serving approach

By engaging and activating residents, John David has helped ensure that our quality of life does not get eroded by over-development.

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Palm Beach Walks

Since moving to the island in 2012, John David has consistently championed initiatives to ensure the best quality of life for town residents.  One of his early accomplishments was the founding of “Palm Beach Walks” which advocated for better crosswalks, sidewalks, and shade trees to substantially improve the town’s livability and accessibility.  His achievements have been as simple as having a bicycle rack installed at Town Hall to raising funds with the Palm Beach Civic Association (PBCA) to plant trees along North County Road and spearheading the replenishment of the palm tree canopy in midtown in celebration of the PBCA’s 75th anniversary.  His passion and commitment to enhancing Palm Beach residents’ quality of life have been proven time and time again.  For these initiatives, he was featured in Palm Beach Life magazine in 2015 and was given an “A” for Advocacy by the Palm Beach Daily News in 2017.  He also received the Citizen’s Award from the Safety Council of Palm Beach County in 2017.


Friends of Lake Drive Park

In 2019, John David, along with several neighbors, created “Friends of Lake Drive Park” to advocate for the preservation of greenspace in Lake Drive Park adjacent to the Palm Beach Marina as it underwent a complete renovation.  Through persistent community outreach, research, and the creation of a master plan to enhance the greenspace, pathways, and native shade tree canopy, he was instrumental in gaining stricter oversight of the project under the auspices of the Landmarks Preservation Commission.  The group succeeded in convincing the Town Council to build a beautiful and sustainable park showcasing native plants.  The park has become one of the most beloved greenspaces on the island since its completion.

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